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Spotify needs to build on the interest of Spotify Wrapped to keep its reputation as the best music streaming platform. Based on the insight that listeners enjoy the feeling of being connected with the music they listen to, Spotify will allow users to see music as an experience like no other.

By incorporating the sense of sight into the listening experience, this app integration seeks to forge an immediate and more impactful connection to the music with enjoy and share.

Users would be incentivized to share their unique imagery through a contest that gives them a shot at having their playlist transformed into an animated AI-generated music video that will be displayed as part of the campaign.

Spotify users can make their own visual content using Spotify Lens, a customizable AI process, to create cover art based on any playlist or mix. The end result can be saved, shared, used as their profile image and re-drawn for varied results without limitations.

The AI process encourages experimentation with a number of different output modes for achieving dramatically different results.

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