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Dunkin X Keurig

Flavor Trophy

People are finding less time to reward themselves when working from home thanks to the pandemic and an increasing desire for work-life balance. Dunkin partners with Keurig to show people how to self-celebrate from achieving work-life balance, in the comfort of their own homes.

Our Original Blend includes imagery of a vibrant and balanced home life, our Dunkin Midnight is decorated with the theme of house chores that call for a little boost and our decaf packaging is graced with imagery of self care - music, fitness, creature comforts, creativity and play!

Each box will include a Golden K-Cup. Upon collecting 5 Golden K-Cups, you can go onto the Dunkin’ microsite and order prizes from the Dunkin’ Work from Home Collection.


CW Isabel Paris.

Chris Wynne

Art Director | Illustrator | Animator

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