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Chris Wynne

Art Director | Illustrator | Animator

Question Everything Twets
Question Everything Billboards

Killer Mike

Question Everything (QE)

Social media lacks the proper organization for people to share and discuss various topics and causes. Killer Mike's new app creates a social media platform for mobilizing social discourse.

The campaign begins with a series of provocative tweets from Killer Mike and other advocates for social causes. A billboard ad series will promote the platform's introductory discussion at SXSW where Killer Mike himself will perform and engage with potential users. A Youtube pre-roll will draw in users with dramatic imagery related to social issues with a further call to attendance at the SXSW event.

CW Anthony Martinez.

Those already familiar with social media apps will be right at home with the intuitive interface. Adjusting keywords allows users to hone in on topics they want to engage with. 

Civility and credibility are big parts of forming a meaningful discourse, and QE incentivizes both using a unique post-assist tool called Enhanced Posting. This tool will give users verbal suggestions, giving them a better opportunity to succeed with proven engagement metrics.

Question Everything UI Demo

Write a Post
Posts can feature photos or videos, events and surveys.


Sensitivity Incentives

Enhanced Posting Mode allows users to gain more traction with grammatical and sensitivity suggestions with engagement metrics visible for each alternative.


...and Enforcement
Bots will ban repeat offenders who use hate-speech.

Metric Outcome
Shows the potential gain/loss in engagement related to current and suggested verbiage.


Other Suggestions
A comprehensive online sensitivity guide is available.


What is this?
Users will receive a popup explaining the goals of the Enhanced Posting mode and serves a reminder to be more mindful in their communications.

Question Everything Enhanced Posting
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