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From the hip hop and social justice provocateur Killer Mike comes Question Everything, a social media platform that harnesses the desire for social discourse within the modern world. 


The platform's messaging and features are what sets it apart, with a message of organization, mobilization and critical thinking. 

The platform will be promoted through a series of billboard ads prompting viewers to attend a live introduction at the SXSW convention where Killer Mike himself will perform and engage with potential users.

Those already familiar with social media apps will be right at home with the intuitive interface. Adjusting keywords allows users to hone in on topics they want to engage with.

Civility and credibility are big parts of forming a meaningful discourse, and QE incentivizes both using a unique post-assist tool called Enhanced Posting. This tool will give users verbal suggestions, giving them a better opportunity to succeed with proven engagement metrics.

A Youtube preroll highlighting the platform and festival appearance with a provocative historical footage series and the call for broader discussion. 

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