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Theme parks have already explored cinema as an interactive medium, and it’s time to bring the immersive & interactive world of gaming into the physical universe.

This opportunity will give fans a chance to roam into a rockstar world. The gamers who see past the crude humor and violence into a crafted world full of unique stories to unfold and experience.

Investigate alone or with friends in a simulated crime scene at the LA Noire Underbelly. Rent costumes in the style of the 1940’s Hollywood Noir films. A lounge area is part of the gaming area for a smoky cocktail.

In GTA Play you'll free-roam areas based on the settings of the franchise. Social UGC is captured from drones and displayed on monitors that overlay UI cues for interactive gameplay elements.

In the Max Payne Bullet-Time Simulator attendees will don VR headsets and 3D movement harnesses to dodge incoming bullets using the titular character’s special ability, all captured on camera for thrilling UGC opportunities.

The ticket design reflects the unique game environments that visitors will be able to experience within the park.

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